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LOGITRAK The exciting new Tracking Software that enables tracking of, and communications with a wireless device over the Internet ! 

Before proceeding you may want to view a sample system diagram and look at a screen shot of the LOGITRAK user interface. You may also see a video demonstration of Logitrak by clicking here: Watch Logitrak video demo

LOGITRAK is a Windows software application for providing wireless, two-way messaging over the Internet and tracking of multiple wireless devices on an electronic map. Two-way messages are quickly transmitted and received through a simple to use graphic interface. The design of the system provides: 

  • Custom Map Display 
  • Custom Database Interface 
  • Point and Click command Selection 
  • Real-time Position Monitoring 
The functional design of LOGITRAK encourages the system to be introduced in areas in which computer experience may be limited. Because it operates on a personal computer platform, the system is ideal for small and medium sized fleets looking to have tracking and messaging capabilities, without the major capital purchase of a mainframe computer system. 


  • Full 32 bit application optimized for speed of use with Windows '95, '98, or 2000 operating systems 
  • Complete digital map database of US Highway system, and all city streets contained on one CD-ROM. 
  • Advanced routing functions, including city to city routing and point to point routing within a city.
  • Real-time Satellite and UHF/VHF tracking. 
  • Vehicle positions graphically updated and plotted on detailed maps using icons and labels. 
  • Comes standard with communications drivers for multiple communications vendors.(Mobile Datacom satellite, OrbComm LEO Satellite, VHF or UHF radio networks)
  • Inbound and Outbound Message listing showing date and time stamp, Radio Id, and driver ASCII message. 
  • Logitrak allows user to request positions for single or multiple trucks. 
  • Toolbars assist users with all software features. 
  • Enhanced help features include; On-line help, Balloon Help, and "What IS ?" help. 
  • Send pre-defined or custom free-form messages to one or all trucks. 
  • LogiTrak comes standard with a custom database interface used for plotting service points, fuel points, depot locations, and various internal points of interest. 
  • City Look up features. 
  • Address within a City Look up features. 
  • Multiple map viewing windows. 
  • Longitude and Latitude display feature. 
  • Dispatch selectable position reporting parameters. 
  • Database archive reporting. 
  • Logitrak allows dispatch centers to associate individual GPS enabled cellphone or Radio I.D.'s to internal user friendly codes or names. 
Computer Workstation Minimum Requirements: 
  • Pentium PC with:
  • 24 MB RAM 
  • 50 MB Available Hard Drive Space 
  • CD ROM or DVD Drive 
  • Color Monitor (True Color graphics card recommended) 
  • 56K Baud Modem or higher 
  • (2) Serial Ports & (1) Parallel Port 
  • Mouse 
  • Internet connection

Buy Logitrak, the first software to combine mapping, routing, wireless email, and tracking of a GPS enabled wireless device anywhere in the world.

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